Work towards ageless skin.

In a city like Lagos where the average person wakes up by 6am to make a 3 hours commute to work on the Island, it's only normal that people take very little time to take care of themselves. And the very little time we get to relax, we spend it at a wedding, birthday or whatever Owambe party there is.

I have found that there are increased number of women in Lagos who are actively making effort to take care of themselves, however, the larger percentage still do not. There are too many 40 year old women in lagos looking like they are 70 years old. You don't have to wait till you are 70 to start seeking ageless beauty, start now with these tips:

I know she has makeup on joor, but she looks good. 

1. Drink lots of water:  I know people say this often and it can never be stressed more. Water is very good for your system. If like me you do not like water, you can spice it up with a little lime or strawberry to spice it up a little bit.

2. Go without make up: Now, Calm down. I am not saying you should stop wearing makeup, I simply mean that once in a while you should forego makeup and let your skin take a breather. Take a lazy saturday for example, go to the market and do your running around without makeup.

3. Wash your makeup off completely: Key word here is WASH. Often people make use of facial wipes that don't always get the work done.

4. Smile more, Frown less: they say a smile is the best makeup a woman can wear; and it also saves you from wrinkles. Frowning gives you frown lines across your forehead, around your eyes and so on..... Smile Babe.

5. Exercise:  I hate this one too, but we must admit it's very important. Do squats, sit ups, aerobics, exercise your face(with motions) and feel/look young

6. Detox: I am not talking about replacing food with those cleansing things oh.... I mean once in a while do a detox. I remember few years ago when I tried out the Maple syrup detox...... It was awful but I felt fresh and my next period was completely painless.... the experience was so good I have done it a few more times and its always a hit.

7. Rest: life is fast and we often move just as fast. But sometimes we need to stop and just take a break; Sleep, meditate, listen to music quietly, or just stay in a dark room and enjoy your presence (like I do sometimes, I promise you it is very relaxing)

8. Invest in some spa time: book a spa  appointment as often as you can and let the professionals pamper your body to revitality. Trust me, Your body will thank you.

With Love Gg!!


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