8 Common Lagos Babe Makeup Mistakes

Hi Guys,

Driving or walking down the streets of Lagos is guaranteed to be fun at anytime, this city is like a circus.... there is always something to laugh about but make sure not to be the circus clown honey.
Here are 8 makeup mistakes many Lagos babes make.

1. Neck/Face Palavar: I honestly didn't know what name to give this hence, the Yeye one you read there. Simply put PLEASE ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR FACE AND NECK ARE THE SAME SHADE. I have seen this happen a lot in Lagos.... Even Makeup artists make this mistake. You use a shade of foundation that is tones lighter than your skin tone and then forget to match it with your neck? NA WA OH

2. Overly Highlighted Nose: I think the point of highlighting your nose is to draw attention to the nose bridge when light falls on it. In Lagos, you will find those conspicuous noses at wedding receptions and they look so shiny bronzed they could pass for table pieces....

3. Lashes: if you are going to have false lashes, please make it look as natural as possible or just don't bother. the best place in Lagos to find slug lashes is in the market.... those market women are obsessed with false lashes.. please go for better quality lashes and get a professional to fix them in for you...PLEASE

4. Blush: The other day i walked past a lady at the mall and I gave her male companion the stink eye thinking her blush was a black eye. If you look at your face in the mirror and the first thing that comes at you is your blush, please reduce it

5. Eyebrows: This isn't Just a Lagos problem, its a general problem. Nike looking browns, Broom looking brows e.t.c are all over the place. If you do not know how to get the perfect brows done, try the Henna Brows; that should last a few weeks with each application.

6. Match Match Spirit: the fact that the aso-ebi is red doesn't mean you have to wear red lipstick, blush, eyelashes, eye-shadow and so on. in fact, I would recommend you go for another colour palette so that your face pops..... JUST SAYING!

7. Wili-Wili Eyes: while highlighting or concealing below your eyes, please make sure you have VERY GOOD LIGHTING IN YOUR HOUSE.... pull the curtains so you don't end up looking like you forgot NIXODERM under your eyes.

8. Bleeding lipsticks: there is a reason God made those lines at the corner of your lips.... Follow that line. some people will apply lipsticks to their lips, nose and chin.....
TIPS: Use a lip liner to ensure you follow the curve of the your lips and then finish it off with lipstick.
         After applying your lipstick, ensure you clean up any excesses outside the curve.

Photo Credit: Frugalistablog.com

With Love Gg!!


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