Blue lips? why not?

Hi guys,

Like some of you know, I love lipstick. I love buying them, wearing them and playing about with different colours.

My favourite lip colour is Red and would always be red coz it just sits perfectly for me. However, I also fell in love with blue lip colour back in 2012 at the London Fashion Week.

Why? What's not to love? The woman wearing it was black, she was at least 40 years old, she was bald and her personality was WOW! Honestly, I can never forget that woman.
Well she did mention at the time that she got her lipstick from illamasqua but when I went to the store,time I didn't fall in love.

2 years later I finally found my perfect shade. Unlike her I didn't find a lipstick but rather an eyeliner I ran into the other day. It's by a brand I havehave never heard before but it works perfectly.

How to pick the perfect pencil
1. The darker your skin, the darker the pencil should be.
2. The pencil should have a matte finish
3. It shouldn't have shimmer at all.
You can try this ONE

Here are a few pictures of me wearing blue

With Love Gg!!


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