Shea butter magic

In the spirit of the new year I would like to share with you guys something that I promise would change your life in 2014.

Shea butter (ori) is one of the most fantastic things you can add to your beauty and health regime. It's 100% natural (well if you get the right ones), it gives you all you need from without grease.

Here are a few personally tested and trusted use of shea butter

1. Use shea butter on your body: it keeps your skin moistured, helps clear discolouration, helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, it seals your skin from hash weather as well

2. Use shea butter on your hair: if you have natural hair, and like me you have very tough hair; shea butter helps soften you hair over a period of continued use.
It's perfect with bantu knots as well.

3.  Use shea butter for aches in your body after hitting the gym. I actually learnt this one from my mum and I didn't believe her till I tried it. It works like magic

4. If you have got cracked heels or lips, apply some shea butter to your lips before bed, some to your feet and wear socks to bed and watch a miracle happen by morning.

Thank me later
With Love Gg!!


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